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First Catalog Cues

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The 1st Catalog was a flyer published in 1965 containing 8 models lettered A - H.  In 1966, the full First Line catalog was introduced,  featuring 11 cues and 2 cases, now bearing numbers instead of letters. These were some of my very first Palmers. I was taken with the charm and simplicity of the cues, the quality of their workmanship, and the charcter of their play.

With many features unique to their era such as screw-on ferrules, plexiglas windows, and two tone wraps, the cues of the 1960's have their own sense of fashion.  It remind me of tail fins and bullet lights on old cars - gone but not forgotten, still fashionable to the modern eye and very collectible.

Palmer also had an influence on (and was influenced by) the most famous cue makers of the era, George Balabushka and Frank Paradise.  The Model 6 was so popular, Balabushka introduced his own version complee with big plexiglas window. Many of palmer, paradise, and Balabushka cues are so similar even experts may not be able to tell them apart.