- The Palmer Collector -
Model 10, First Catalog
The Model 10 was Palmer's gussied up Titlist based cue. These particular cues both have dacron wraps, nickel-silver joints, and screw on ferrules.  The cue with the blue wrap has hardly been used at all. The cue with the black wrap has a  window that is crazing. As the cue ages, the acrylic might become dry and brittle, showing tiny cracks from certain angles. Fortunately, the acrylic tubing is still available and a replacement can easily be fitted if desired.

Notice the cue with the black wrap has an imprinted Palmer foil label, but the dark type is missing?  The foil had a thin plastic overlay with a name printed on it,. This was removed - probably by a new owner.  Gee thanks, buddy!
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