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Model 11, First Catalog
The Model 11 was Palmer's Supreme Cue in 1965. With it's beautiful hand select Brazilian rosewood body and extensive genuine mother-of -pearl inlays, it is truly a beautiful cue. This type of work exemplifies the Palmer style of detail and contrast.  This style started a trend which would soon lead to some of the most famous designs of all-time.  Look at the beautiful grain of the wood and check out the screw-on ferrules. These ferrules were plenty solid, but the heavy brass screw made them deflect the cueball (squirt) more than regular shafts. The idea was for the player to be able to change the ferrule if a tip broke off, eliminating the need for additional shafts.

The Model 11 is a really nostalgic cue and it's a pleasure to own.  There were only about 100 made versus about 700 of the later "Model L".  If it had a place in the Palmer family, it would be "Gramps".
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