Custom Made Cues in Full Swing

FLASH!  To celebrate the recent  completion of collecting each of the 2nd Catalog cues, I made a replica of the Palmer 2nd catalog, using my cues for the photo. Click to visit ------->

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The 2nd Catalog Cues
Palmer hit full stride with the introduction of the second catalog. The designs were less reliant on the Titlist, instead featuring splices by Burton Spain, Gus Szamboti, and the Palmer shop. These are some of the highest quality and most beautiful Palmers ever made.

The new joint was highlighted. It featured a thicker collar and was made of polished nickle/silver. The buttcaps now measured 1 3/8" but most still did not come with a rubber bumper. The bumpers just plugged into a standard 5/8" hole, so they were easy to fit and were probably a good idea to add, since many of the cues that were used without a bumper experienced broken and chipped butt caps from traditional floor tapping.

The most popular first catalog cue designs were carried forward with some modifications. The popular Model 6 became the Model D. The Models 1 and 8 became A and B respectively. The 2 became the H ,  the 11 became the L, and the 10 became the G.

But  the second catalog was all about the new designs.  The Model C is a classic tribute to Herman Rambow. This was a retro cue and it was described as such in the Palmer brochure.   The J was the classic reverse splice.  The Model I had beautiful long points with what would become the traditional Szamboti splice, ebony prongs with veneers of ebony, orange, chartreuse, and natual.

The flagship cue, the model M or the "Palmer Supreme",  is one of the most recognizable and famous cue designs ever made. The solid ebony cue features wavy lines of sandwiched veneers and over 30 pearl inlays. The M and the L are the only 2nd catalog Palmers that came with a rubber bumper.

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