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Early Palmer Cue Cases
Palmer's First catalog featured two cases. "A" held one cue with one shaft, and "B" held one cue with two shafts. These were classic luggage-style cases, made from hardwood plywood, vinyl, and foam rubber. The "B" case  was nicely stitched and came with quality locking latches. The very early latches are double wide.

There were no logo's on these original early cases and they are distinguished by the lack of steel case corners.  The interior was lined in velour offered in various colors, usually black, red, or purple.  The cases were made to Palmer's specifications by the Fine Brothers Company in Brooklyn, who continued to make cases for Palmer for many years to come.

These old cases proved to be durable except the foam backing in the lid tends to break down over the years and often need to be replaced.

Above and Left,

Palmer's very first case. This Model B was from 1964-1965 and is in mint shape because it was locked in a  safe for 40 years. These wide style of latches were soon replaced with the models shown below because they were prone to open unintentionally.

Below, the typical look of the replacement lock latch,  hinge, and handle. Here's something you don't see every day, the keys that came with the case!