- The Palmer Collector -
Models 3, 4, and 5 - 3rd Catalog

The Bar Cues

These were the work horse cues of their day, the Palmer bar cues. These are all solid players. Made from a house cue blank supplied by the Irving Katz Company in Brooklyn, these inexpensive cues were made in the thousands and distributed nationally. My favorite of these cues is the nearly new original condition Model 5, complete with two tone Dacron wrap and a small window butt with black and red accents. The Model 3 also has a Dacron wrap, in solid black.

Done properly, a Dacron two tone wrap really looks sensational. It has the appearance of silk but it is much more durable. It is completely waterproof and is actually used for fishing line. The drawback is that it is not as soft feeling as linen or silk.

There cues were made in the early to mid 1970's, and two have the Palmer imprint in the now Delrin butt cap. The imprint was later replaced with a decal because the imprint machine occasionally damaged some of the butt sections.  The Palmer brass joint survived well into the 1980's, while most companies abandoned brass for stainless steel.

3rd catalog Bar Cues:

Model 4

Model 5

Model 3
Above,  the 3rd Catalog cues have this joint configuration. The piloted part of the shaft is just a brass insert with no wooden tenon or shoulder.