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Model 16, 3rd Catalog
Model 16

This cue is based on the famed Model "J" from the 2nd Catalog. A new inlay shape appeared which gave the cue a distinguished look. Gone was the window and a pearl buttcap appeared in it's place. This is a handsome cue.

Most of the 3rd Catalog Model 16 cues had forearms made by the Szamboti's. Palmer was winding down their in-house forearm building at the time and more blanks were obtained from outside sources. The Szamboti built cues had points ending closer to the joint collar than the typical Palmer. These cues were not built in large numbers.
Two 16's

The butt on the left is a standard version, as shown in the 3rd catalog.

The one on the right has a custom inlay pattern.
What is that squiggly shape anyway?

It's a modified French fleur-di-lis (see picture to the right), the symbolic lily. It's done in genuine oyster mother of pearl . I have only seen these inlay shapes  on Palmer cues, although luthiers have used them in guitars.

Below, Forearm by Gus Szamboti.