- The Palmer Collector -
Model M, 2nd Catalog
The Model M is Palmer's most famous design. The cue is ebony with wavy maple and ebony veneers running through the body. This cue today is worth upwards of $3,000 in excellent condition.  How much did it cost in 1970? Retail was about $300 and wholesale was a whopping $150. Not much, but pretty expensive at the time. 

The "M" was made before a CNC mill would have made short order of this work. The doubled up veneers of the M look incredibly complicated to make, but there is a secret to it.  And I'm not tellin' (unless you ask).

If you are fortunate enough to own an "M" cue, you can reset assured that each "M" was painstakingly built by Eugene Balner himself due to the difficulty of execution.
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