- The Palmer Collector -
Model K, 2nd Catalog
This is one of the more difficult cues to locate in the second catalog line and it is also one of the fanciest. The model K was influenced by the famous Frank Paradise "Diamond King" cue.

This particular cue is in fantastic condition, with either a Balner or a Szamboti forearm and nearly perfectly even inner and outer points.  Barry Szamboti told me that getting the outer points even is easy, it's the inner ones that are difficult.

Many of the Palmers will have hairline cracks in the pearl trim as the result of tapping against the table. These are 100% intact, which is a pleasure to see. The shafts on this cue are original and there is almost no wear on them. The joint and rings are nickel-silver.

I want to thank the teaching professional, Randy G., for this cue. Randy at one time had the world's largest Palmer collection.
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