- The Palmer Collector -
Model C, 2nd Catalog
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This is one of my favorite cues. It is very simple in design but offers so much in depth.  Herman Rambow was an inventor, artist, and a first rate craftsman.  His cue making career spanned over 50 years in numerous capacities. He was the first "great" modern cue-maker.

Palmer had many calls from customers to build a simple design, "like a Rambow". Rambow passed away in 1967 and had pretty much stopped making cues for several years before that. Eugene Balner designed the model "C" and called it "styled after a Rambow design".  This was an honest statement and it came to be known as a "Tribute Cue".  This is a cue that Rambow would have been proud of.   A close look reveals come of the most perfect Titlist points ever. The outer points and inner prongs line up perfectly.  The veeneers are deeply colored and perfectly aligned, with no separation or run-out. Out of 10,000 blanks I would not expect you would find two like this in 1968. 

This cue is all original and is undoubtedly one of the finest Model C's in existence.