- The Palmer Collector -
Models A and  B, 2nd Catalog
The two upper cues are Model A's and the lowers are Model B's.  These were built from a variety of house cues such as the Brunswick Challenger.   A variety of woods were used for the handle section of the splice. The two model B's are purpleheart,  the upper model A is rosewood and the lower one ebony. If you find one where the points are pretty even, it is a rare find and was probably made for a select order or a special player.  Notice that even though Palmer's new joint was primarily nickel-silver, they were still using brass for many cues. 

These cues were inexpensive.  The typical Model A sold for about $50 and the B for $60. Today these cues bring in from $400 to $700 or more based on condition.  They played solid and were in demand by players.  Hustlers and road agents wanted them for the tough pool rooms and bars, where they might have to leave their cue on the table and escape through the bathroom window.

The cue with the red and gold butt sleeve has a Delrin butt cap. This was a very early use of Delrin on a Palmer - it is more commonly seen on 3rd catalog cues.
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