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Blast From the Past
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Cue Dealer's Circulars as History

These old mailers were commonly used by  dealers to sell cues before the internet. It gives us a glimpse at the hot cues of yesteryear and the prices.  I think that you will find that many of these cues turned out to be reasonable, sometimes excellent investments. Additionally, the cue's of yesteryear are just as good looking as ever in today's world of billiards.  Thanks to GUYCRUNCH and Robert U. for the mailers!
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Wright circa June, 1994
Healthware circa  June, 1993
PTM circa 1994

PTM circa 1994

Wright circa November, 1992
Healthware circa  April, 1993
Healthware circa February, 1993
Healthware circa August, 1993
Healthware circa  September. 1992
Healthware circa December, 1992
Healthware circa October, 1992
Wright circa September 1994
Wright circa February  1994
Cues as Investments? See how they did.