The 3rd Catalog 
Left, ad  from Billiards Digest magazine, February 1987.  Palmer was still takling custom orders on the "Old Line" cues. Occasionally you will see a Palmer cue with a 1970's look made from 1980's parts, some of the great fun of collecting Palmer cues.
The Last of the Old Line

The 3rd catalog, introduced in 1971,  was Palmer's most elaborate, best selling, and final line of custom designs.  Joints were again redesigned and were now available in stainless steel, although brass, brushed brass, and nickel-silver were still frequently used. The Model 20, with it's ebony and pearl inlaid shaft, is the most sought after Palmer.  These cues could be custom ordered well into the 1980's'.

Two sections can be found below, the 3rd Catalog and details of many 3rd catalog cues.

- The Palmer Collector -